We are innovators and digital corporate communication pioneers. We break new ground, chase horizons and co-create the future.


And we don’t just mean chatting.

Effective communication is purposeful, transparent, and open. A well-crafted message spurs innovation, engagement, and commitment from a sea of noise. It’s not a question of talking more but talking better.

We work for people like you

Our clients are national and international. They are companies with many years of operations, as well as startups, trying to find their footing. They span industries and are thought leaders in their respective fields. They are ingenious inventors and bold adventurers. Most importantly, they are like you.We know what it means to run a business in Africa. We know what it means to be a global organisation. And what we don't know, we will explore together with you.

We know how

Our team has it all: experience, a diverse set of skills, and a drive to help you succeed. We learn by doing. Our toolbox covers everything from creative, design, research, and content to deep technical knowledge and specialists in Investor Relations, Sustainability and Media Relations.

We’ve been around for a while

It’s not exactly rocket science, but it might as well be. After all, we’ve been exploring this space alongside our clients since 2008.

We invest in building new insights and data which we then combine with our experience and specialist skills. It's everything you need to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. And the day after that. And the one after that. Because nothing that matters was ever built in a day.

We are ready to help

Regardless if you are ready or not, we are. We help you get ready and drive your communication into the future.

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We are

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