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Website Design, Mobile Development, Domain names and web hosting are our speciality, but we also provide everything else needed to run a booming online business. What’s more, we really care about our customers, and work hard to offer exactly the right mix of products and services to make our customers’ online ventures as prosperous as possible.

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How We Started

Realdata International began as a pet dream of our Founder Micah O. Akaeru, after successfully building websites for several organisations Including the Oyo State police Command(Nigeria) and the Nigeria Verterinary Medical assocation (NVMA). The company was officially launched, with a commitment to developing websites for businesses of all categories. Realdata has being true to its commitment over the years. We are now fully registered in the UK and poised to service clients globally.

We Started Building websites since 2008

Realdata's first website was in 2007 A website built for the Oyo State police command in Nigeria. We helped more than 2000 individuals and organisation to launch their website ever since.

Team Behind Realdata

Micah Akaeru


Solomon Burd


Lucas Speed


Robert Hulk


The Realdata team is composed of the most knowledgeable and helpful individuals that have led the firm to this point. The Realdata team has succeeded in becoming the fastest growing web and mobile development agency.